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Customer reviews and satisfaction are extremly important to us
     Watford Cleaning did their utmost to accommodate my every need. They didn't disappoint and delivered on the home cleaning day.  
R. Moss27/02/2018
    I was feeling a tad sceptical about having a team clean my house, but the customer service team at Watford Cleaning quickly put my mind at ease. They talked me through the prices, we agreed on all the key terms and then it was time for them to get to work. The results were brilliant and I'm definitely going to be hiring them again in the future.  
    I am a model who travels frequently and I am barely home. Sadly, just because I am gone doesn't quite mean that the dust stops gathering. I come home to find a dusty house and feel really dejected. Finding Watford Cleaners was such a blessing because I didn't have to worry about exerting any energy to cleaning. I recommend them to everyone now.  
    I live on a budget like most people, but the reasonable rates offered by WatfordCleaners means I can afford a cleaning service to keep my house in immaculate condition! Like nearly every young couple, my partner and I work long hours so when we get home and night and find our carpet has been freshly vacuumed and the cat litter tray emptied we feel so grateful to the cleaners, who do such a superior job! Just superb! Well done and thank you!  
Nick T.15/01/2015
    If there is one thing I am very bad at, it is cleaning. I have had a go at it myself but I can't do it nearly as well as WatfordCleaners can. The cleaning they are able to do for me is brilliant and the cleaners they employ are amongst the best in the business. They clean everything so thoroughly including the oven, the bathroom tiles, the windows and the upholstery and whatever I have needed them to do they have had the skills, the staff and the materials to do it and to a very high standard indeed.  
Ashley S.14/11/2014
    My rugs had been looking a bit rough since we got the dog so I thought it was time to get them cleaned properly - by real professionals. I phoned WatfordCleaners and they sent a person round to my house to clean the rugs. They cleaned the rugs vigorously and cleansed every thread until it was completely perfect. You could have taken them back to the shop for a refund! But you would not as that would diminish the work of the cleaner! I will always contact them when I need my rugs cleaned and anything else around the house too.  
Terrence E.09/10/2014
    It's hard for me to put into words just how great a service WatfordCleaners provided. At first I was hesitant, because inviting strangers into my home wasn't something I was immediately comfortable was, but that all changed the moment I opened the door. The cleaners they sent to me were friendly and dedicated. They also approached all of the different surfaces with patience. From the carpets to the tiled surfaces, everything looked great by the end of it! The prices were reasonable too, and the service is just great in general. I hire them on a weekly basis now, and I'm yet to have a bad experience. Give them a shot!  
Ethan T.21/08/2014
    I was so pleased with the cleaning work I have just had done on my new apartment by WatfordCleaners. I was on business all the time and spent little time at home. So my sister had recommended a new company in the area who she had used and was very happy with. I called and sorted a meeting to go over what type of cleaning service I wanted. The staff was helpful and friendly and provided a full list of their services and costs. I organised a date for an overall deep clean first, then wanted to follow it with a regular fortnightly service.  
Julianne Gate24/07/2014
    Absolutely brilliant! Highly recommended! Called this fantastic service to clean my apartment and they were meticulous in their work. They were also extremely friendly and great company. As I am in the middle of moving apartments and I am supposed to be studying for my accountancy exams I didn't have time to clean. I was even made a cup of tea which was a lovely surprise. I would recommend these cleaners to anybody, everybody who I spoke to at WatfordCleaners were extremely helpful and not to mention, the service is fantastically priced. Anybody who needs a cleaner... look no further.  
Katrina C.30/06/2014
    I was sick of the cleaning at the end o f the week when I finished work. I decided to hire a firm my sister had used for a while. I arranged for a meeting, and we went over what I wanted doing. The price they quoted me was fair and from there I booked a date and time. I wanted a really good meticulous clean through the entire house paying special attention to the bathroom and kitchen. The cleaners arrived promptly with their tools and products and started immediately. The work they did was fantastic, they didn't miss a thing. Every detail was covered.  
Annie Delgado12/06/2014
    I wanted some extra help as a busy mum I was struggling to juggle work, family and the housework. I contacted WatfordCleaners and booked a home cleaning service that would give the whole place a total overall. I was pleased with the cleaning rates and they were happy with the work I wanted doing. The smartly dressed workers arrived on time and did a brilliant job on my home. They worked very hard on getting the place back into some neat and tidy order. Everywhere looks immaculate now. If you need some extra domestic help make sure you give these guys a call they are the best.  
Kerry J.26/05/2014
    You know that you have a good cleaning company working for you when the kids look forward to them coming round as much as you do! I find the team form WatfordCleaners to be very nice to have about the place, whilst also giving me a great clean, in a short time, which makes everything really rather cheap and great value over all! You will hopefully find them to be the same in your place, so I certainly recommend that all reading this should try them out and see what you think!  
Kathy Russell14/05/2014
    A great service, this really was a job well done and it was great value for money. WatfordCleaners offer fantastic rates for their regular cleaning visits so now I don't worry about cleaning the house at all. They are always on time and they work very hard cleaning the floors throughout my home, even getting to those hard to reach spots in the corners and by the skirting boards. If you're looking for cleaners I would highly recommend this company, as they say on their advert no job is too big or too small and they've been a great addition to my home.  
Gio F.08/04/2014
    If you are looking for a great cleaning service then look no further. WatfordCleaners have been cleaning my office for a very long time and I have never ever complained about anything. They are punctual every time and their consistency is admired by all our staff here at the office. They clean each and every little thing from our office desks to the blinds. Our computer screens and keyboards and cleaned but at the same time I know I don't have to worry about anything breaking. I am so pleased I hired them and I would never in a million years think about hiring another.   
Josh Evans27/03/2014
    WatfordCleaners is a great bet if you are in need of an upholstery cleaners. I wanted a professional upholstery and sofa cleaning company that knew how to clean my fine fabrics. I have a leather sofa and I didn't want to damage the material. The staff at WatfordCleaners were knowledgeable about how best to clean the sofa and they provided a diligent service. They were affordable and efficient. I would definitely recommend them for anybody looking for a reliable upholstery cleaning company. Their staff are friendly and their prices are affordable. What a great cleaning service!  
David J.18/02/2014
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