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Top Tips On Domestic Cleaning 21 November 2014
Top Tips On Domestic Cleaning

Fall in love with your home again with our great pointers on house cleaning. If you’re someone who hasn’t attempted home cleaning before today, or have just moved into your new home and don’t know where to start, then the prospect of domestic cleaning can be a daunting one. However take it easy and tackle the cleaning jobs step by step in an efficient and systematic way and you will get your house looking spick and span in next to no time. •    Take care of those hard to clean areas first and those areas that gather and attract the most dust and dirt. Rooms like the bathroom, toilet and kitchen play host to a variety of different types of bacteria and if left to fester, these will multiply to potentially cause you health problems and will ultimately be harder to remove.  Attempt your kitchen cleaning jobs by first removing all of your pots and pans, opening your kitchen appliances and getting the right cleaning products. A scouring pad is a good investment to make, but make sure that you get a few, because it’s likely that your hard work will result in the pad breaking off during the cleaning process. However this shouldn’t be a problem, as pads and sponges are relatively cheap and can be purchased in packs, and when used with some soap and warm water, pretty much any cleaning job can be rectified with some elbow grease and hard work. Bathroom and toilet cleaning can be tackled in pretty much the same way, although to get rid of limescale, purchase some high strength industrial type cleaners, or apply some vinegar to the affected areas.•    Make use of the different attachments that come with your hoover; they are there for a reason and each one is specialised for cleaning different surfaces and materials to make your job easier when it comes to vacuuming. Small attachments with soft brushes are great for quick upholstery cleaning and larger vacuum heads are efficient for giving your carpets and flooring a deep clean.•    Dust and polish at the same time to give your furniture and work areas a fantastic finish. There’s no need to buy anything when it comes to dusting; simply use a soft towel or microfiber cloth, dampen with water and wipe away the dust. The dust and dirt will stick to the cloth, after which you can polish with a clean cloth to make your surfaces sparkle.•    Don’t forget to clean your windows; Whether you have floor to ceiling windows or small windows in your living room, clean windows will give your rooms a radiant look, ensuring that they get a maximum amount of sunlight, making your rooms look bright and giving them a new look.  Dirty windows can prevent this, so clean your windows both inside and outside if possible. Simply fill a bucket with some warm soapy water and then use a clean cloth to scrub your windows from top to bottom. Do this a couple of times and leave for a few minutes. Then rinse off the suds with some warm water and wipe down with a clean, dry cloth. •    The appearance of the little things in your home really do make a difference; get your curtains and fabrics cleaned by putting them into the washing machine. However be sure to check the labels first to ensure that they’re machine washable, otherwise consult with the manufacturer or take them to a cleaning company to give them a fantastic clean.

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