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Help And Advice For Your Student End Of Tenancy Clean 22 August 2014
Help And Advice For Your Student End Of Tenancy Clean

If you’re a student and you’re moving out of your first rented property then your end of tenancy clean can cause more than just a few problems. Many landlords will take advantage of students at the end of their tenancy, refusing to return full deposits or withholding money because of the end of tenancy clean. If you want to avoid this happening to you then here’s some helpful and useful advice for your student end of tenancy clean! 1)    Plan your clean.The best way to successfully complete your end of tenancy clean is to plan it as well as possible. Start a few weeks in advance by making a list of jobs that will need doing. At first, your list will probably have big and obvious jobs on it, such as vacuuming, but pin your list on the wall and add small jobs to it every time you think of them. You might only remember to clean your vacuum bag, clean behind your radiators or empty your outside ashtray at random times, and these jobs are easily forgotten about. Write them down while you remember to ensure that nothing gets left behind. If you live in a house-share or shared student accommodation then leave your list where your housemates can see it and encourage them to add their own jobs to the list too! 2)    Buy the right materials and products.Once you know what cleaning jobs need to be done you can start buying the right tools and products. Check you high street bargain stores for cheaper versions of branded cleaning products, and try looking online for good deals on sponges, mops, cleaning cloths, scourers and more. If you’ve been sharing your home with other people then don’t forget to ask them to chip in some money for cleaning supplies – you’re all going to be using them so you should all spread the cost! 3)    Speak to your landlord.Before you start cleaning try and get in touch with your landlord and speak to them about your end of tenancy clean. Some landlords renovate their properties yearly, and if this is the case for your property then there might not be a lot of point in your end of tenancy clean! Check to find out what appliances, if any, are going to be replaced, what renovations will be made and also check to see what your landlord expects from your end of tenancy clean. Being aware of the jobs that need to be completed will make your end of tenancy clean much less stressful, and can even save you time and effort! 4)    Try to have packed up before you clean.It’s a good idea to have packed up your home before you start your end of tenancy clean. Packing up in advance means that you’ll have more space and room to manoeuvre your furniture around so that you can clean every nook and cranny of your home. 5)    Completing a thorough clean to a high standard.Try not to forget smaller jobs, such as cleaning your microwave, taking out the bins, cleaning out your vacuum cleaner, unblocking your sinks and shower and thoroughly clearing and cleaning your fridge. These might seem like obvious jobs, but lots of people neglect things like this and then are faced with a smaller deposit being returned to them!

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